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To ensure that your swimming pool's swimming season doesn't end with the last tropical day, you need to equip it with a heat pump. Then you can enjoy the pleasantly warm water during the first days of spring and Indian summer and make the most of the potential of your home swimming pool. Among the market leaders are the Mr. Silence and Fuego heat pumps. In today's article we bring you a great comparison between them.

Top quality, economy and environmental friendliness

Both pumps are first-class products that you won't go wrong buying. They have several features in common:

  • Both are extremely quiet (they make a similar noise to the fridge in your kitchen), so they won't interfere with your time by the water.

  • Besides, they are resistant to the cold and other weather conditions, so they don't need to be hidden away for the winter.

  • Both Mr. Silence and Fuego offer the same heating options,

  • a maximum temperature of 43°C,

  • 230 V connection,

  • a user-friendly touchscreen display

  • and a sleek black design.

The environmental aspect is also worth mentioning: the R32 refrigerant used in both devices is based on difluoromethane and has up to 78 percent lower CO2 emissions than the conventional R410 and R404A refrigerants. In addition, both variants compared are economical. If you choose Fuego, you save up to 80 percent energy, Mr. Silence even offers savings of up to 93 percent. Where a conventional heat pump runs at full capacity, Mr. Silence and Fuego heat pumps adapt to water and environmental temperature fluctuations, saving energy and therefore saving you money.

But this is where the similarities end, as each of the pumps mentioned is suited to different conditions.


Choose according to pool size

The location of the heat pump plays a major role in choosing the right heat pump. If you have an above-ground pool or hot tub, choose a Fuego heat pump. This is designed for pools up to 20 m³. Due to the materials used, this model can also be used in pools with salt water up to a concentration of 4 g / l. The space-saving design of the pump (50 cm on four sides) will save space in your relaxation area.

Do you have a swimming pool of 5 to 80 m³? Then you need a Mr. Silence heat pump. This silent helper keeps your water warm even in outdoor temperatures down to -10 °C, so you can have a swimming season almost all year round. Convenient controls allow you to connect to your smartphone via wifi.

Heat pump performance

Already know which option is right for your purposes? Then all that's left to do is to select the optimum performance of the selected pump. The Fuego is sold in a 3.5 kW variant, which is suitable for whirlpools and the smallest pool sizes. For conventional pools up to 20 m³, choose the 5.6 kW. The Mr. Silence heat pump offers seven variants ranging from 7 to 28 kW.

Do you need help with the selection? Contact us, together we will choose the best solution.